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10 reason why I love October

2020 has been a bit of a crappy year. We all know this, but we are in October and I’m in my element. I just love it so much!

So, what is so special about October? Why do I love it so much? Well, read on my friends and I’ll tell you why It truly is the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas be damned!

                                                                        *  *  *  *  *

Its Autumn – October is Autumn and as such the trees are starting to die off which makes for gorgeous colours. When they are on the ground, the weather is a bit chillier, so they dry off and get crunchy to stand on. I love that sound.

The seasonal drinks start – While normally I would be indulging in the seasonal menu at Costa Coffee, Covid has made that almost impossible for me. So instead I have brought the seasonal drinks home. Orange hot chocolate? Salted caramel latte? Toffee apple hot chocolate? We have it all in our kitchen, and the cream and sauce come standard without the extra charge.

Its socially acceptable to watch horror movies – October is spooky season. Fact! So many more people start to watch horror movies more. Now, I personally watch horror movies year round, but in October, people join in and I can usually get a good conversation going about the pros and cons of certain movies this time of the year.

My birthday – I am entering my 33rd year on this planet – Or as I like to think of it, I have reached level 33 this month. While usually I’m not a fan of my birthday, I feel the tides are turning and I am actually looking forward to this year. Even if all I’ll be doing is snuggling up with M and watching movies with the before mentioned hot drinks. Bliss.

The nights get longer – I like the darkness. I’ve always favoured the night over the sunny days and now we are reaching the end of the year, it means the nights are longer. It means nothing physically to me – I’m not a farmer and since I no longer have night classes, I am safely inside with M by the time darkness hits. But I still like it. It feels more spooky I guess.

Mini school holiday – Most parents are like “awe my god the kids are on holiday again” but for me, I’m like “yay, M is home for the week”. It starts usually with long lies and lounging about in jammies. We did used to make a point of going out. Grabbing lunch somewhere or getting a seasonal drink (wow I didn’t realise how much we did that!) but again Covid has restricted what we can do. This year I think we will be having Mario kart battles, eating nice food and being creative.

Snuggle weather – I love my blankets. It’s got that I struggle to sleep without the feel of them on my face or around my body most nights. So, what could be better that taking one of those blankets and snuggling up with your fella? Answer, very little! I’m hoping B can get some time off so he can come spend a few nights with us. We have lots of movie nights planned and he needs to join in, Popcorn and all.

Cardigans are king – I live in my oversized cardi in autumn. Its so snuggly and warm. The only fault I have with it is there is no pockets. B calls it “the dude cardigan” as it reminds him of the film The big Lebowski, but since I’ve never seen it, I’ll just have to agree. I like the baggy comfy clothes that you can wear out in Autumn. Not that it really matters as I'm not going out but still - I like a comfy cardi.

Comfort foods – Summer is for salads and burgers; Autumn is for the homemade soups and stews. M loves this time of the year for that very reason. Pies and rice pudding, Lasagne, and casseroles. Its all about the hearty meaty foods in this house just now.

Halloween – The best reason of all HALLOWEEN! I love everything about Halloween. It makes my little black heart happy. From the trick or treating to the decorations. Plus, Halloween gives me a chance to buy household d├ęcor. I have an actual wish list this year of things I wanna get, and they will be year round cause I’m like that … and I don’t care who knows it.