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Harry Potter and the parenting fail

I’m in shock.

I was snuggled up the other night on the sofa watching Fantastic beasts when M walked in.

“Who is that?” pointing to Jude Law who plays young Dumbledore. I tell him, which prompts him to ask "So is this a sequel to the Harry Potter films?" 

“Well, yeah ... and that’s the guy who invented the philosophers stone".

“what’s that?”

At that point the film was paused. I’m sorry what???? Turns out he “forgot” the whole premise of the first film since he’s “only seen that one and it was AGES ago”.

I have failed as a parent.

How has he made it to almost 14 and hasn’t seen all the Harry Potter films? How could I have dropped the ball so long? I would love him to read the books, in fact I think I’ll reread them too but the films are minimal effort needed. Pretty much a prerequisite for teens at the moment.

So, over the Christmas holiday I’m going to educate M in the ways of Hogwarts. We’re gonna have movie nights with our own mini banquets. He's gonna learn all about the wizarding wars and I'm gonna convert my kitchen into a potions class.

By the time he goes back to school in 2021, he will have worked out his Patronus and will have ate more than a few cauldron cakes.

Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go brew some butter beer.