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DIY Wax Melts

I love Yankee Candles!

The smell amazing, even when they aren't lit, they give off a subtle aroma. They are my favourite candle make by far but they are kinda expensive

Because of this, i want to make sure i get the most out of each jar.

With most candles in jars, you always have the little bit of wax left at the bottom with no wick. I know that some people just toss them in the bin at this point but I've found a great alternative.

Making your own Wax Melts

I don't know why it never clicked before, Its just like the wax tarts you can get from Yankee only a bit smaller (or even the same size depending on the mould you use).

The jars are also great from a storage point of view as you can keep little bits and pieces in them.

Getting the wax out is easier than you may think.

One way is to CAREFULLY place the jar in a pot of boiling water till the wax melts ... This method is quite quick but you have to be really careful as your placing a glass jar in boiling water. You will need to use an oven glove to lift the jar out and our the wax. Its faster to do this in stages as opposed to waiting for the whole clump of wax to melt ...

Or you can pour the boiling water directly in the jar. The wax should gradually melt and float to the top. Once the water has cooled the wax will go solid and can be pulled straight out of the water. This method takes a while and i had to keep topping up with the boiling water as it cooled before all the wax melted.

*Both methods you are still working with boiling water though so be careful!

I chose to do the jar in the water method though as i wanted the wax melts to be all pretty as opposed to broken bits (which will work just as good).

Once the wax had melted i used an oven glove to lift the jar and pout the wax directly into a mould to set. You can use any type of mould but i find the silicon ones easier to work with.