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Felt Coaster

When i was looking up Needle Felting i found some gorgeous things made from felt balls. Things like bags, rugs and coasters.

So in true Crafty Mama fashion, i just had to try it :) Starting with Felt Coasters 

Now, I normally try to keep my crafts as frugal as possible but this was under no circumstances a cheap craft. A single bag of these felt balls cost £10 for 100 balls. 
You can make 2 coasters from 1 bag but if you want a set of say 6? ... Its gonna cost you.

*This craft for me was more about getting to try it rather than making a complete set. I will one day make more, but when i have a bit more money to spare*

Making the coasters was really easy.

Thread a sharp needle with any kind of thread ... I used strong G├╝termann thread from my sewing box.

Start by making a knot in the thread then start piercing the needle through the balls.
You don't need to make a it in a particular pattern if you don't want to and your colour scheme is your choice. I used a rainbow colour scheme so all my colours are random.

Keep threading till you have 50 balls on the thread then double back on a couple of balls to secure the thread.
Next you'll need to wind the balls into a swirl. 

There are a few ways you can secure them ... either by stitching them in place or by gluing them together with PVA or craft glue.

I glued mine in place by coating the side of each ball in glue then pressing it onto the adjacent ball in the swirl.