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101 things in 1001 days - First list

I love the idea behind this list ... Its like making New Year Resolutions but better ... Cause its more fun and there for easier to stick to. Also better than start of year "promises", you can start this whenever you like ... So here is my list.

Some of the tasks are also posts ... Those are the ones in blue. Feel free to have look and leave a comment :)

Started: Tuesday 1st July 2014 
Ends: Tuesday 28th March 2017

Getting Out and About
1. Get my Provisional 28/5/16
2. Learn to Drive
3. Get my Own Car
4. Take Agent M to Disney World
5. Have a Halloween in a Disney park
6. Visit an Overseas Country
7. Visit a Hobby Craft Store 8/7/14
8. Go to a HobbyCraft Craft Fair
9. Take Agent M to Lego Land 17/7/14
10. Take Agent D to Warwick Castle
11. Go on an Adult Only Holiday
12. Go to a Christmas Market
13. Go to the London Dungeon
14. Go to the Blackpool Dungeon
15. Go to the Edinburgh Dungeon
16. Go on the Jack the Ripper Tour

Getting Crafty
17. Have a Craft Room
18. Learn to Knit
19. Learn to Crochet
20. Make a Quilt
21. Try Candle Making
22. Try to make Macaroons from scratch
23. Make something using a Loom
24. Try Mosaic 9/7/15
25. Build Something out of Wood
26. Make a Scrapbook 28/5/16
27. Do one Crafty Project every Month for a Year
28. Build an Edible Haunted House
29. Make 10 recipes i have pinned on Pinterest
30. Make a Needle Felting Project 28/7/14
31. Complete 3 Craft Swaps 17/9/14

32. Complete 5 Projects from Pinterest
33. Sell Something on Etsy
34. Start a Business 19/6/15
35. Sew a soft toy from scratch
36. Knit a soft toy from scratch
37. Knit a blanket
38. Make the "super epic rainbow" cake
39. Fill a Smash Book
40. Make a piece of clothing from scratch
41. Find an inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor

Plan for the Future
42. Go Back to College 8/9/13
43. Complete the 1st year of Hairdressing course 19/6/15
44. Complete the 2nd year of Hairdressing course
45. Pay off my Credit Card
46. Have £1000 in Savings
47. Have a Job i Love

Time for a change
48. Fit into a Pair of Size 16 jeans
49. Fit into a Pair of Size 14 Jeans
50. Take a Yoga Class
51. Get Another Tattoo
52. Don't eat fast-food for a month

Just For Fun
53. Get a new Laptop 12/10/14
54. Have a Food Fight
55. Find a Penpal
56. Complete a Book a Month for a Year
57. Write a Letter to Future Me
58. Read a Book in a Day
59. Teach Agent M how to Swim
60. Do an A-Z Photo Challenge  31/10/15
61. Complete a Photo Challenge every Month for a Year
62. Play Sims 4 29/3/15
63. Give Blood
64. Have a Candle-Lit Dinner
65. Have a Family Game Night
66. Make a Detailed Family Tree 16/4/15
67. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy 18/12/15
68. Keep a "My day in 6 words" journal for 6 months
69. Have a Tea Party
70. Complete a colouring book
71. Have a silly string fight

Let’s play Outside
72. Grow a Plant from a Seed
73. Have my Own Vegetable Patch
74. Have my Own Herb Garden
75. Make my Back Garden Pretty
76. Swim in the Sea
77. Build a Snowman
78. Build a Sandcastle
79. Take a Moonlit walk on the Beach
80. Have a picnic in the Forrest 27/6/15
81. Sleep Under the Stars
82. Watch the Sunrise and the Sunset on the Same Day 15/12/15
83. Jump in a Pile of Leaves 14/9/15
84. Write in wet cement
85. Write my name in the sand 5/7/14
86. Go Camping
87. Go Glamping

Blogging Love
88. Have 500 Instagram Followers 18/10/15
89. Have 250 Twitter Followers 12/9/14
90. Have 100 BlogLovin Followers
91. Complete #ProjectA-Z
92. Attend a Blogger Meet
93. Have a Successful Blog

Television doesn’t always rot the brain
94. Watch the Complete Breaking Bad
95. Watch the Complete House
96. Watch the Complete Ghost Whisper
97. Watch the Complete Dexter 25/9/15
98. Watch the Complete Sopranos
99. Watch the Complete Sons of Anarchy 25/8/15
100. Watch the Complete LOTR in one go 19/12/15
101. Watch a film for each letter in the alphabet 17/6/16