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Our Disneyland Trip - Day One

Some people may or may not know i am a HUGE Disney fan! I would call it an addiction except that makes it sound bad when the reality is i just live and breathe that damn mouse lol.

This year was a big one for birthdays in the Crafty house with Agent M turning 10 and me turning 30 - so my sister and her husband decided to make sure it was incredibly special and gave us the amazing gift of 2 days in Disneyland Paris at the end of October.

We'd know about it since March but i had been trying not to let myself get too excited. I didn't want to run out of enthusiasm before we actually arrived but i needn't have worried. Nothing in my imagination could have got me as excited as actually walking through the gates of the park, seeing that beautiful castle and knowing that my little boy was finally going to get to see Disneyland in all its glory.

Our adventure started with the trip to the airport.

This was going to be Agent M's first time on holiday (outwith the UK) and the first time he would remember being on a plane. I hadn't been on one since i flew down to see my mum and sister with a not-even-two-year-old Agent M and it was to put it mildly, a nightmare!

I knew the odds of him screaming his head off the whole flight were very slim but since i suffer from depression and severe anxiety, it was a whole other challenge.

There where times where i didn't think i was going to be able to make it and on more than one occasion i was ready to burst into tears but i powered through, Agent M noticing when i was starting to panic and we got through it together. We got the whole row to ourselves as the plane wasn't full and after a little hand holding during take off as Agent M was a little nervous, We arrived at 
Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.