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World Peace and other unrealistic gifts

I don't know about you guys but i hate when i get asked what i want for birthdays and Christmas.

To me ... Its a trap!!

Follow me on this, You ask say your brother what he wants for his Christmas. Now he has 3 options to go with here.

He can ...

A - Tell you something he really wants (which is most likely a game or piece of technology with half eaten fruit on it). You come to find that this magical gift comes with the fantastical price tag of £40 and your now left trying to either find the money (cause chances are hes gonna spend that now too and you don't wanna be rude) or have to say that you cant afford it and he'll feel like sh*t for asking for it in the first place.

B- Tell you something like "gift card", "Lynx set", or other random generic thing that you know is really impersonal but will most likely be used. To me that's like the Granny gift when you know shes got 50 grand-kids to keep track of and is usually accompanied by socks.

*I will say now, my own Gran does this and I've come to look forward to the annual set of PJ's ... Its become something of a tradition :) * 

Lovely as it is, for the immediate family members, it lacks that personal feel.

C - Give you that ever infuriating answer ... "World Peace".

That last one is the answer i get EVERY TIME I ASK a certain individual what he wants for birthdays, Christmases, etc.

It drives me nuts cause I'm left thinking what the hell do i get him? I know if i get him a gift card its gonna sit in the envelope till the end of time and if i get him some smelly stuff (Lynx, Adidas etc) he'll stick it in a cupboard and never touch it (or think I'm telling him he smells - another pitfall of the smelly stuff). But when i explain this, what i get back is world peace.

Now lets look at this logically for a second.

There are many people who believe world peace is achievable.

If you are religious then you may believe that another Noah's ark type deal is on the cards. A wipe the slate and start again. Or perhaps the Rapture is the way forward?
Either way, these ideas/methods/action plans are way above my pay grade. That's for which-ever deity you believe in to handle. I'm just the lowly student hairdresser.

If you are political, you may think that starting over with fresh government is the way forward. Perhaps with a series of campaigns and votes. Perhaps there will be public speeches from world leaders apologising for all the horrendous stuff they have done and inviting the country next door for tea and cake.
Putin can bring the bear skin rug and they can all go picnic style while Cameron cracks out the custard creams for Kim Jong-Un.


You have more chance having a tap dancing monkey recite the periodic table it Latin while vomiting up banana mush and recreating the Mona Lisa with it.

Unrealistic you say? Exactly!

Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to live in a world where we weren't blowing each other up or killing each other at the drop of a hat but I'm realistic enough to know that "World Peace" wont be achieved in my life time. I don't hold much hope for Agent M seeing it in his lifetime either to be honest.

All i can do is live the way i do, and bring Agent M up to understand that everyone has the right to live in peace and that the colour or sexual orientation or religion of someone doesn't make them better or worse than you.

But i digress ...

So this year I'm not even going to bather asking him. Since i don't have enough medications or counselling contacts to even look at the peace issue, I'm going to give the rigmarole a miss. *And in doing so am pre-empting the "Cure Cancer" and "Solve World hunger" diddies I've had in the past.

I was racking my brain and then it hit me. Why not go home made for him too?

He hates getting cards as they are "a waste of paper and money" UNLESS they are home made, then he keeps them. So why bother spending money on something i cant afford and that he doesn't want when i can make him something that i know he will appreciate more?

But what to make?

Mammy is getting a hamper filled with goodies. But she is special. Cause she stays in England i cant meet up with her for a Coffee and a spot of lunch so i want to make her something really special. Plus i doubt he will appreciate the joy of cookie butter (though he might like the home made honey comb).

Oh look, a reason to go on Pinterest *hahaha yeah right, like i needed a reason*

Picture from The 36th Avenue via Pinterest

Do you have any family that's a nightmare to buy for?
Have you thought about going home made?

Drop me a comment with your ideas :)

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