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5 Ways having a Dog is like having a Toddler

I love wee Shabba.

I loved having him here when we used to dog sit for Agent D's dad and now he's our dog, its nice having my furry wee pal around. He just has this happy nature about him that you cant help but smile at. Even people who aren't so keen on dogs are happy to be around Shabba cause he just loves everyone

I've been noticing however, there are some similarities to having a Dog and having a toddler in the house. I've been having flashbacks to when Agent M was a tot and the resemblance is uncanny :)

  • A trip to the toilet is no longer a solo venture. Every time i climb the stairs my furry baby is 2 steps behind. If we're already up the stairs and i manage to sneak out while he's distracted i can guarantee that as soon as my butt touches that toilet seat, his wee head will be poking round the corner.
  • My food should be his food. In the mornings I've been making Agent M and myself toast for breakfast. Shabba loves toast so i have started making him a slice too. I cut his up and put it in his dish. He goes to munch his and as i pick up mine he stops and proceeds to stare me down. Its the EXACT SAME THING HE HAS yet mine just seems to be the one he whimpers to get. Dude, eat your own toast! 
  • He pees and poops ALOT! Oh My God I've never seen such a tiny dog pee so much in my life. On ever walk be go on he must stop to tag every lamp-post, wall or fence. I know that toddlers don't pee on lamp-posts or poop on pavements  but i remember Agent M just to pee like a trooper. Once he was potty trained we were up at the toilet at least twice every hour (quite often just for the tiniest of wee's). Lesson - Small bladders hold ALOT of pee! Even bagging his poop makes me boke ... very reminiscent of changing one of 'those' nappies. *Gag*
  • Tiny people/dogs take up whole beds. Agent M used to climb into my bed when he would prison break his safety gate. I didn't mind too much as i was working so much when he was a tot that i would cherish any time i got with him. Sleeping with him however was like sharing a bed with an epileptic octopus. Arms and legs everywhere! Shabba likes to sleep in bed too and for such a small dog, he takes up a serious amount of space. *I have a Super King size bed to boot*. He also sleeps in the weirdest positions ... and sticks his butt in my face!

  • He loves cuddles. He's such a lovely wee fluff ball and he gets so excited when he gets clapped and when you pick him up for cuddles, the noises he makes is so cute. Rub his belly and you can almost see his eyes rolling in the back of his head. Agent M was such a cuddly tot. He would climb up with a toy or a book and just sit on your knee for ages quite content. Shabba is the exact same. He can lie on your lap happily and just snooze off.
Along with the constant attention seeking, Climbing up on things and playing with noisy toys ... This is gonna be a fun time having a furry baby in the house. Perhaps it will placate my broodiness *Fingers Crossed* :)

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