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Lolly Stick Builds: Trinket Box

Did you ever spent afternoons at school building things out of lolly sticks? I know i did :)

When i was getting the jumbo lolly sticks to use for the Boredom Jar make, i found a box of 1000 small lolly sticks for £6.39 and my mind started to race with craft ideas that Agent M and i could make.
*With most things on Amazon the price goes up and down so you might get it cheaper at some point*

The sticks are conveniently separated into 20 bars of 50 sticks so you can divide them out if your working with lots of kids or if, like me, You're wanting to make as many different crafts as you can from the box. *We are being frugal round here after all* :)

The first thing i thought about making was a trinket box. Something that we could use to keep little bits and pieces in like Agent M's little Minecraft figures he got for Christmas.

To start we used 1 block of 50 sticks and placed 11 of them side by side. This gives you the base to build the box on.

You will then want to glue lolly sticks along the top and bottom of the sticks to hold them in place and one across the middle for extra support.

The PVA glue will need a little while to dry but you can still flip the sticks very carefully so you can start building right away. Agent M struggled a little with the sticks at the end as they slid out of place but they were easily put back together.

When your base is right side up, glue another stick along the top and the bottom and your ready to start building.

Remember it doesn't matter if the little ones let the glue drip down the sides, It dries clear :)

To make the walls of the box you just need to keep adding layers to the sides like shown in the pictures.

Eventually all the sticks will be used up and then you can set the box frame to the side to dry.

Once its dry you can use it however you like. Agent M has his Minecraft figures inside his and I'm using mine to keep my USB pen drives in :) They are quite handy actually and has given us loads of different ideas on what to make next.

What would you keep in yours?

Have you ever built things out of lolly sticks? What did you make? :)

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