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Creme Egg Croissants

Every time we go shopping, Agent M begs me to get croissants again. We bought the Jus Rol tube before and since then he's been nipping my head.

Last week i caved, But i decided since it was Easter soon, i would make them a little bit different. Enter the Creme Egg Croissants!!

They are simple to make when you buy the tube ... Though you can make your own if you have the time and patience.

Crack open the tube (I love watching it split open) and roll out the dough

The dough is perforated so you don't need to worry about the triangles being the wrong shape or size. Cut along the lines and separate the triangles out. Place an unwrapped creme egg along the smaller line and begin to roll towards the top point. Honestly they don't look much like the croissants on the tube but then the egg adds a bulge.

 Just for reference this is what the croissants should look like wrapping in the same way minus the egg. The tube comes with enough to make 6 croissants but the box of creme eggs only have 5 so i decided to make the extra as a breakfast treat for tomorrow. You could always buy an extra egg if you wanted to make all 6 chocolatey.

Pop them on a lined backing tray and give them a brush with some milk (You can also use an egg wash - of the chicken kind, not the chocolate kind)

Bake in the oven till they brown on the top ... This takes about 10 minutes.

The chocolate inside is going to be piping hot so you need to let them cool right down before you eat them. They don't have to be stone cold but remember that the inside cools last if your giving to little ones.

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