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Spaghetti Spiders

Agent M has an obsession for this meal we call Spaghetti spiders. Its a simple meal in that it has 3 ingredients but its not cheap to make so we only have it once in a while.

You'll Need
Mattessons smoked sausage (1 sausage per 2 servings)
Dry Spaghetti
Primula cheese (We used the one with chives)

To Make
Put a large pot of boiling water on the hob on a medium heat. Add a little salt.

Slice up the sausage into chunks. This will be the body of the spiders. I like to make them quite thick but you can make them smaller if you like. If they are smaller, you can make more spiders.

Snap some dry spaghetti in half and thread 4 of the stems through the sausage. This will be the legs.

Add the spiders to the pot of boiling water and any remaining spaghetti. Add more of the spaghetti to the pot (enough for the number of servings required).

Once cooked remove the spiders and set to the side.

Mix the primula cheese in with the remaining spaghetti.

Plate up the cheesy spaghetti and top with the sausage spiders.

Serve and enjoy.