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Our Happy Halloween

In this town (we call home) we celebrate Halloween on the last Friday of October.

I've heard lots of different reasons why but i don't know the real reason, but either way it means we get to celebrate twice in the crafty household.

I have been feeling off lately, wither its the migraines draining me or my depression is just dragging me down but i feel like i have lost my spark. Family have noticed it more because of Halloween. This is MY holiday ... but this year i hadn't decorated or made anything special. I just didn't have it in me.

I spoke to my gran and it made me realise that i was looking at it the wrong way. Yeah i didn't feel my up beat spooky self - but maybe if i tried it would come to me.

So i broke my no spend for a day and bought £5.00 worth of decorations. It wasn't much but added to my other decorations I've had for years, it made a nice little haunted living room for Agent M to come home to.

I knew Agent M would want to go trick or treating and i figured afterwards we could have a movie night. I have loads of DVD's and Blu-rays that would be perfect to Halloween - Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie, Coraline etc.

I set up the table for the night - Lots of sweets and snacks. I normally don't allow this much sugar and junk food over the space of a couple of months, let alone in one night but its Halloween and its a special treat.

Every movie night needs a share bag and some juice right? Well this bottle of apple, mango and passion fruit juice was perfect last night - Though it was a bit pricey (£2.50 a bottle from M&S) it was delicious and we got a tumbler each to enjoy.

So much junk food - our dentist would be cussing me out ... Yet I'm happy to report all that was eaten last night were a few Jaffa Cake bars, a lolly and a donut. Agent M isn't really one for lot of sweets lol.

We ended up not going trick or treating as we got engrossed in the movies - Scared Shrekless and Wallace and Gromit & the curse of the Were-Rabbit. It wasnt a problem to Agent M though as i had gave him a pumpkin bucket full of goodies already.

I'm glad i decided to decorate and make a special night for us cause Agent M loved it and at the end of the day we made some great memories :)