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Top 5 Family Christmas Films

During winter in Scotland you are pretty much guaranteed at least 80% of the time its going to be too cold/rainy/generally miserable to go outside. That's when watching a Christmas film comes into play. Along with a cosy blanket and a yummy hot chocolate, its a perfect night in in the crafty household.

So here are my top 5 family friendly Christmas films (in no particular order as they are all amazing in my eyes).

The Grinch - This live action take on the story by Dr Seuss is without fail one of the best Christmas films ever made! The story is about the Grinch who lives above Whoville, on top of Mount Crumpet. He absolutely detests Christmas and everything about it but when the who's who live in Whoville embarrass him (inadvertently) he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Its a great story about how we treat others that are different to us and how showing a little bit of kindness can make even the smallest of hearts grow 3 sizes (though not literally cause they would go into cardiac arrest and die - just an FYI).

The film is narrated by Sir Anthony Hopkins and the Grinch is played by the fantastically funny Jim Carrey. Also fun fact, Cindy-Lou is played by the totally cute Taylor Momsen, who grew up, discovered eyeliner and became a rock star.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - For as long as i can remember there has been the debate on wither this Tim Burton/Disney movie is a Halloween or a Christmas film. In my opinion its a classic all year film (it technically could be an Easter movie since the Easter Bunny makes a cameo).

It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, who is getting fed up of only celebrating Halloween every year in his Halloween Town. While having an existential crisis in the woods, he stumbles upon magical trees that transport you to different worlds. He falls through one and ends up in Christmas Town completely freaked out and fascinated in equal measure. He decided that he wants to do Christmas next and what follows is exactly as you would imagine monsters and zombie Christmas to look like. (Personally speaking i would LOVE to have a Burton themed Christmas complete with possessed Vampire dolls).

I suppose the moral of the story could be stay in your lane and when your family tell you something is a terrible idea, you maybe should listen but then again if everyone followed the rules then life would be boring as hell and resemble the opening sequence of the Lego Movie (Which the real nightmare btw!).

There is lots of singing (it is a Disney film remember) but the soundtrack is actually amazing as Danny Elfman is a genius and is one of the 1st films Tim Burton ever made. Its a stop motion animation which to me makes it all the more unique.

Elf - Buddy the elf finds out after 30 years of living in the North Pole that hes not actually one of Santa's elves but is in fact a human (cause being 5 foot taller than everyone else didn't help him twig). He decided to travel to New York city in order to find his real dad, who is on the naughty list and for good reason.

Its a story about how your should always be yourself and most importantly be kind. Spread the joy and good things will happen. Its a total feel good film that will make you all smiley. Will Ferrell plays buddy the elf and honestly hes so funny and lovable you just cant help but root for him.

Home Alone - What happens when you leave your 8 year old son at home while you jet off to Paris over Christmas? Well in real life you would probably be arrested and charged with some form of child endangerment or neglect but in Chris Columbus' world he ends in what can only be described as the most hysterical home invasion gone terribly wrong for 2 gullible robbers.

Its hard to find the moral to this story as there is so much wrong with the premise (how absolutely useless as a parent do you have to be to forget your own kid?) but i guess there is an angle of on matter how miserable your family make you, you wouldn't like to be without them. Perhaps of you were criminally inclined a moral would be don't rob someones house but then isn't that more or less a given?

Macaulay Culkin is so cute and absolutely hysterical in this funny film. Its a classic for a reason even if its so hard to watch (for me anyway) without thinking what would actually happen to someone if they got smacked in the face with a hot iron. If your like me and like to know these things a fun video to watch is actual doctors diagnosing the injuries in the film. Funnily enough most of the injury's Marv and Harry endure would actually result in paralysis and or death. Who would have thought? lol

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - Clark Griswold is determined to have an old-fashioned family Christmas but it all goes terribly and hysterically wrong. Between the in-laws, the Christmas lights, his camper-van living cousins and a squirrel out for revenge, Clark is holding on by a thread ... Then he gets his holiday bonus though and all hell breaks loose.

Written by John Hughes (Uncle Buck, Home Alone 1 & 2) its a hilarious family film that will have you giggling and cringing in equal measure. Its one of those films i have watched every year for as long as i can remember and its still funny every time.

I suppose if there were a moral to this story it would be something along the lines of lock your doors and close your curtains come the holiday time if your family are that high maintenance ... Or be sure to check any trees you cut down for enraged squirrels.

Are there any festive favourites you and your family love to watch each year? Leave me a comment below :)