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A Vikings Guide to Deadly Dragons Exhibition

Agent M as always been into books. Even as a wee toddler he would always bring me books to read to him and night time especially was out book time, reading stories before bed.

As he's grown up, this has continued, only with him being able to read on his own. He has loads of books he loves but if you ask him, his favourite above all others is the How to train your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell.

So you can imagine how excited he was when the "Vikings Guide to Deadly Dragons" Exhibition came to our local museum.

The exhibit was based primarily on the book series, which at the time didn't include the final novel.
There were excerpts from the books and some audio by David Tennant. I loved that bit as his voice is just *Swoon* :)

Along the walls were original illustrations of the characters that are in the story. Agent M had a great time telling me all about what happened to each person in which book. It made me realise just how much he loved the stories and how close he paid attention to them.

They also had in depth details of some of the characters. Hiccup as you may know is the main Viking in the series and the books are told from his perspective. He's an "unlikely hero" according to Agent M but he's "the coolest Viking ever".

I didn't have the heart to tell Agent M he's too cute to be a Viking. It did make him keen to learn more about the real Vikings too so afterwards we went into the library to take out some history books :)

The books have been adapted by DreamWorks into 2 movies, which have nominated for Bafta and Oscar awards. There is also a spin off TV series which Agent M is a fan of.

He did however tell me that the books are different and that he prefers them ... Its always the case when they adapt a story though isn't it?

All in it was a nice afternoon and Agent M enjoyed learning more about the author, Including that she used to holiday is Scotland and go hunting for Dragons. He's convinced that she would have found Nessie given the chance :).

The tour is currently at  Norwich Castle Museum from 6th February 2016 till 30th May 2016 then is moving to  Tullie House Museum, Carlisle from 18th June till 9th October 2016.