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N is for ...

I love trying out new crafts and even better when i find them on offer. So imagine how excited i was when i found this kit in Hobby Craft last summer. Its been sitting in my stash for a while now till i decided to give it a go.
N is for Needle Felting

The kit comes with everything you need to make the monster, including a reusable mould so you can make a family of them (if you buy extra wool).

There is also a full colour instruction sheet which tells you exactly what to do.

Needle felting works by repeatedly piercing the felting wool using a felting needle till the start to bind together. Gradually adding extra wool helps build up the desired shapes and you can then pop them out and mould them together by hand

I will say that its quite easy to get carried away when needle felting. Its more therapeutic than you think but you get a nasty pull back into reality when you stick yourself with the needle. I guess you could say i put my body and soul into this wee monster. Just call me Victoria Frankenstein :)

Once you have the body of the monster created you can add the finishing touches ... including a wee belly button. Although there is an image on the front of the box, you can pretty much give the monster any face you like and place his spots wherever you choose. I like that as it makes the monsters unique in a way.

Isn't he so cute. Just goes to show that not all monsters are a thing of nightmares ... I think I'll call him Marvin the Monster :)

(This kit is no longer available on hobbycraft however you can buy this monster and many other great kits on Amazon.)

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