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Commonwealth Fun

As you all know, I've been trying to find activities to keep Agent M amused this summer without breaking the bank and today was a fabulous day for just that. Loads of entertainment and I only spent £2.50 total on activities. 

First off we were running late cause Mama got distracted with washing so we had to Bus it into town instead of walking. We had to be at the Library for 1.30pm and although Agent M was Superman themed, he can't rush over a mile in 20 min. I'm all for Public Transport but its money i didn't really wanna spend when i technically didn't need to.

Luckily the bus stops right outside the Dick Institute so we got there in time for the mini Commonwealth games they had put on for the kids.

Tickets were £2.50 but the women running it were really energetic and the kids had a great time.

Ive never been disappointed with the activities the library put on. Agent M always has a blast which is the point at the end of the day.

They focused on 4 countries Scotland ... Jamaica ... Canada ... Kenya and Agent M was chuffed to bits he got to be the Captain for Scotland. We sang songs, danced about and took part in some mini sports like the relay race. All the kids got wee medals for taking part too which was a nice touch.

While we were still at the library, we got told about a storytelling in the gallery so we decided to go have a look and I'm so glad we did.

A group called Books on a Bike are going around Scotland for the commonwealth games and are stopping in at different venues to read to the kids on their way to Glasgow. 

They aim to read the complete works of the fabulous Julia Donaldson (no small feet when you consider she is into the triple digits for her published works).

Today they read "The Rhyming Rabbit" and my personal fave "Room on a Broom"

Story telling along with singing and musical instruments is such a fantastic way to bring books to life for kids I think. Much better than my tried and tested funny accents ... I always do the Gruffalo in a Scots accent. It just works some how and my owl always sounds like Stephen Fry lol.

I'm a big advocate for reading to kids. Its something I've always done since Agent M was a newborn. I believe reading to children not only helps bond but shows them how magical books are. They can teach you, entertain you or even distract you from the sometimes too stressful parts of life.

Above is a link to their website so you can see more about their brilliant challenge or can follow them here on twitter. Why not check out where they are going to be by clicking here and pop down for a story and a sing song. Its great fun :)

After the story time we took a walk into the town centre as they were holding a Commonwealth Carnival to celebrate the Baton coming to Kilmarnock. 

We walked through the Burns Mall and found The Creation Station running an activity workshop to make a flag or a baton. Agent M went straight to the flag table and create a design with his latest obsession ... "Pokemon".

While he was getting his craft on I spoke to a lovely woman called Rona, who was helping run the workshop, and found out LOADS about the classes and workshops they are doing. 

I was in kiddie crafty heaven!

  • They have a "baby discover" class aimed at the 6 to 14 month olds every Wednesday in Prestwick and Friday in Ayr.

  • There is the "Little Explorers" class which is aimed at the 14 month to 5 year olds every Tuesday and Thursday in Ayr. Every Wednesday in Prestwick and every Thursday in Troon.

  • For older kids or families with kids in different age groups there is the "Family Fun" class which is for 2 to 11 year olds every Monday in Prestwick and Thursday in Ayr.

In Kilmarnock they are planning to run workshops every Wednesday in the Burns Mall that are Free of charge.
I'm hoping take Agent M down to after we come back from our "English-land adventure". I'll be sure to write a review to let you all know what the kids get up to :)

At the cross there were alot of different things going on. A boxing ring set up with junior boxers then wrestling and a group of dancers performing. Walking about the streets were lots of entertainers. *My faves were the ones below*. There were tables set up with balloon models, making flags, people juggling, weightlifting, basketball, clowns *shudders* and some food stalls.

The boys were more than happy to stand in line waiting for their turn to get their face painted.

Agent M got a Pokemon theme and his little cousin J got spiderman. Long gone are the days of pandas and tigers I think. My boy is definitely growing up fast.

I really liked watching the Street Artists. They give the kids a chance to join in too. *If only i had a wee go*. It seems I'm constantly on creative mode wanting to get in about anything artistic lol. You have to admit though. These colourful bricks beat the plain grey.

We had to head back home to get dinner started which devastated Agent M cause he loves Clanadonia who were going to play at some point but needs must I'm afraid *and I let him listen to the CD we bought in Glasgow when we got home to compensate :)

All in we had a fantastic day for next to nothing. We were thoroughly entertained and we found out about some fantastic classes to get crafty. Good times had by all :)

Do you know about any other activities in East Ayrshire for the kids over the summer. Get in touch via email or comment below. I'll be sure to have a look and post for others to see :)

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