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Global Market Madness

It's been advertised in the local buses for weeks and the time finally came.

The global market was back!

It's one of the busiest times in our wee Killie when you get to see all the stalls filled with different bits and pieces from across the globe ... and some home grown goodies too.

On a Thursday I usually meet up with my wee Granny so we got the luxury of being there on the first day to check out what was available this time round.

*This is just a small selection of the stalls on offer ... I couldn't get photos of them all due to the mass of people ... told you it was popular*

For food there was there are loads of options available from the sweet like crepes and churros.

To tasty chocolates and biscuits from Italian bakers. Their nutella cannolli is delicious!

To the macaroons ... *I'm not keen on the taste of coconut but I love the smell*

Or if you want something more savoury there was meat for the more adventurous I.e Kangaroo and Buffalo

Or some French cuisine like creamy garlic mushrooms or potatoes provenance. These smelt amazing. Made by mouth water!

Or a massive selection of sweets ... though you'll be there for a while with all the choices. It was done by weight though so it would have been pretty easy to rack up quite a tab.

There was also a large selection of handmade bits and pieces like candles and soaps. Many of the scents were similar to the big brand names but at a fraction of the price.

There was a stall with a lady selling  upcycled furniture as well as little bits like door signs. Many pieces were made to order but I liked the idea of taking an old boring piece of furniture and making it look new and unique.

There was a stall that I just LOVED! This man made animals and other figures out of metal wire and decorated them with beads. Some of them he used drinks cans which were all done by hand. They were AMAZING! I really wanted to buy one but I just couldn't justify spending any money just now. The joys of living on a tight budget :(

The stall with the knitted goods just made me really envious. I'd love to be able to knit and crochet and the second I work it out I'm making a sully hat for myself. It would match my onesie :) The knitted ponchos were so beautiful and the wool was really really soft. I'm not sure why they were all made so small though. Perhaps it was just ment for children.

Jewellery was big this time round with 2 stalls with rings, bracelets and necklaces all with an Amber theme. There were some really nice pieces there which were worth the money being asked. *In my opinion I'd rather spend the £18 on one of these necklaces that are limited designs than £15 silver plated necklace from Argos with the latest celeb favourite all over it ... but then I like one of a kind*

Another big hit were hand carved wooden figures and boxes. Again there were 2 stalls though one stood out more than the other with the sheer quantity. Every one of the items in the picture below was from one stall run by an older couple. I didn't get the chance to talk to either of them because it was getting mobbed by that point but if they made them all by hand themselves, then awards need to be issued. I was in awe!

Lastly, there was a large chunk of the  market taken up by flowers from Holland. There were loads of different varieties to see. A gardeners dream! But a hay fever sufferers nightmare so I stood well back :)

I love when the market comes to town cause I love to see what people can make. It would be brilliant to one day have my own little stall at a market or craft fair. Would be so cool to have people wanna buy my makes :)

To see if the market is coming to an area near you, have a look at their calender here

Do you know of any other markets coming to Scotland? Let me know in the comments below :)