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A bit of an eye opener

I have to laugh at Agent M some times.

He has such a wonderful wee brain in his head. We have conversations some times that i really wouldn't expect from a seven year old and I've no clue where the ideas come from.

When he comes through to my room in the morning he'll jump into bed for cuddles and we talk. Sometimes about his dreams which normally consist of Minecraft and WWE with the occasional Pokemon thrown in for good measure but this morning was a little different.

I was up at half 6 this morning and rather than go back to sleep for an hour i decided to watch episodes of QI on my phone. I love that programme. Its entertaining and i learn some really random interesting facts.

This morning he came through and asked what i was watching and i explained to him the premise of the show. I gave him the example that did he know you can walk on custard, which he informed me he did, which then prompted him to tell me that the "bible got it wrong cause you cant walk on water". It kinda took me aback as we are not a religious family. It seemed to come out of the blue.

Now, I'm not going to write a post about how one belief system is better than another cause all that will do is hurt peoples feelings and i genuinely support everyone's right to believe in what they wish (to a point) but its the progression on the conversation i want to address which started from his wanting to talk about religion.

Religion to me is a personal choice that everyone is entitled to ... but they are not entitled to force their views on others.

Why add that little part in? Well after he asked about Jesus walking on water he asked me about the "people who got shot at Disneyland". It took me a minute or two to work out that he was talking about the recent shootings in Paris.

I felt like i was in a parenting minefield this morning because i didn't think that the events in Paris had even registered on his radar but evidently it had. He wanted to know why bad people thought it was OK to kill people for no reason and i told him that the bad people were offended because the people in Paris talked about their god.

He couldn't understand why someone would be so offended that would make them want to kill people. Which is an opinion i share. I explained that in that particular religion its a really big offence to make fun of their god. Which is where i explained to him about mummy's views that you can have an opinion to a point. I may have different views from him and where i have the right to think differently, NO-ONE has the right to force others into their beliefs.

I decided to try and answer the questions as best i could but it just led to more and more. Eventually it dawned on me that these are questions he should be asking. 

He has every right to live in this world and know how it works just live everyone else and these are the questions i should be encouraging.

He is part of the next generation that will take charge of the planet when we are all gone. His generation will carve out the way that the world will go and to be honest, it was alot to take in at 7 in the morning.

Each question and answer led to another and by the time we needed to head out to school we had covered a whole host of topics ... From gender equality to gay rights, war to racial segregation.

I was walking on egg shells the entire time but asking him for his opinion made me unbelievably proud of my son. I realised that he's on the right path and that he will grow up to be a fair, considerate man.

Agent M has a very sensible head on his shoulders which makes me realise that no matter how much of a f@ck up i may feel as a mum, I'm obviously doing something right :)

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