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Apple Pancakes

I've been cooking for years and I've been lucky enough to be taught from the two best ladies. My grand-mothers.

Each of them i can remember from a young age being famous for a particular thing. 

Like every time i taste Potato soup i think "yeah but its not as good as Granny's" or when i taste a scone i think "Its nice, but my Gran can make it better"

I've always wanted to cook/bake like them but its like a roll van aspiring to become a Michelin star chef ... Its a dream that ain't gonna happen lol.

Still, Its an inspiration i'll always have. 

Another thing my Gran is known for is her Pancakes

Seriously all the children and grandchildren must be able to smell when she has the griddle on. Its a smell i remember well from childhood along with the race to the kitchen to get a pancake before they are all munched. God love her i don't think she ever had any left to eat herself :)

I watched her like a hawk when she used to make them. It was a waste of time asking for the recipe cause she done it all by hand. Years of practice left her with a 'handful of this' and a 'splash of milk' as the "official" measurements so i left it up to experimenting.

Years later i managed to make something close (but it would never be as good) and I've got into the habit of doing it by eye too. Since mastering my own pancake mix, I've been experimenting with add ins ... chocolate chips, mashed banana or orange zest.

So the other day i decided to make a pancake breakfast but this time with some of the many leftover apples we have in the fruit bowl.

In order to give you mesurments i had a wee go this morning and this recipe tastes almost exact.

You'll need
100 g (4 oz) Self Raising Flour
50 g (2 oz) Caster Sugar
1 Egg
4 tbs Milk
1 tbs Golden Syrup
1 large Apple, grated

How to make
In a large bowl, add the flour, sugar and egg

I got a double yolk in one egg :)

Add the milk gradually till it forms a thick batter then add the grated apple and mix

Put a frying pan in a medium heat and coat the top in butter. Add a spoonful of the mix an wait till it starts to bubble before flipping. 

I added slices of banana and a swirl of golden syrup which Agent M loves.

Next time i'm at the super market i'm gonna buy some blueberries and give them a try :)

Do you have a favorite concoction?

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