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I'm Back!!

Awe Internet people, its been really horrible not having my laptop the last week.

Its seriously shocking how much i had actually come to depend on it. Especially when i always thought myself somewhat of a technophobe.

The weather has been really horrendous here and the fact that I've been ill the last week has rendered me house bound and without my laptop, Miss Independent over here has been having to make do. Not something I'm too chuffed with.

I have come up with some brilliant industries or inventions that would be amazing if i had unlimited funds (or the world worked the way a dehydrated shaking mind does) - Self Cleaning toilets and remote controlled washing machine/dryer combos anyone? But I'm glad to say i think i am on the mend ... No violent throwing up today!!


I'm hoping to be back to normal crafting/baking self at the weekend (oh please please please!)

Till then i wanna say a big thank you to all the fellow bloggers out there that have been keeping me company with their posts and makes. You no idea how much of a life saver you have been while I've been rocking the foetal position.

Still ...

I'm back up online (properly) so i look forward to connecting with you all again :)