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K is For ...

I've always been envious of the things I've seen people make with wool ...

When for years the best i could hope for with wool was to make a Pom-Pom.

I'd lost count of the amount of times i had tried to knit. I've had my Gran try to teach me (much to her distress when i just couldn't get it) and have bought ump-teen books claiming to teach a novice to knit (and crochet). 

Nothing could make me get the hang of it till one day i was at Agent D's dads house and i decided to give it another go.

I don't know if the stars had aliened and the moon was in the correct positioning. Perhaps there was a guardian knitter watching over me, fed up on the holey bunting and seriously foul language every time i touched the needles ... who knows.

But what i do know is, i managed to make a small row of stitches. 

That's why K is for Knitting

The excitement that burst through me from this little knitted square was unreal and I'm pretty sure Agent D's dad thought i had actually lost my mind but to me it was like i had mastered the violin or something.

I decided to start over and make a square (since all the books recommend making a simple square till you get the hang of the tension). 

I cast on a row of 20 and every time i counted out the stitches, i was amazed to find i still had all 20. Granted on one occasion i had 21 (which I'm still not sure how i managed to add one)

Its not the neatest as some of the stitches are a little looser that others but for my first ever attempt at knitting, I'm quite chuffed :)

From that first square, I've made several more as I've decided to make a nice big blanket. I've always wanted to make a blanket that can be passed down to Agent M when hes older and has his own family so why not start now. I do a little bit of knitting at night while Agent D watches his car programs and I'm getting there slowly but surely.

I absolutely love the colours of the wool too ... It was a brilliant find from Poundland which is a lovely chunky knit.

If your wanting to learn to knit there are loads of tutorials online you can view without having to spend money. 

I found some of the videos on YouTube a bit more helpful than anything written on paper

Plus there are online forums you can join to get advice or even share patterns. 

Some of my favourites are 

I'm hoping to have the blanket finished by the time winter comes but if i have it finished before i turn 50 I'll be genuinely surprised :)