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Picnic at Ashton Court

Well today was our first full day in Bristol and the weather couldn't have been nicer :)

All day its been sunny and warm. A nice 20 odd degrees ... which was perfect for a Picnic.

So after a trip to the supermarket, the sandwiches were made and off we headed for Ashton Court.

It was a lovely family day out with Agent D's Mum, Step-dad, Uncle and Nan there too :)
That's what i love about coming down to England on holiday. Not only are we getting away but we are getting to spend time with family that we don't get to see alot.

After some food Agent D decided to have a wee kick about with Agent M to try and tire him out a bit for bedtime tonight (The heat has been keeping him up the last 2 nights). Its nice seeing them play about and bond. I love watching my boys together.

I think it worked too, especially when Si got involved, Agent M was exhausted from all the running about and ended up taking a "wee chill out" before Si got him an Ice lolly.

There is nothing better than an ice lolly on a really warm day ... and although he perked up a bit, I'm very confident that he will get a good nights sleep tonight :)

It was a lovely day and a very special one too as we got to spend the afternoon with family, Inc. Nan Pat who isn't very well at the moment. It was nice seeing her happy and smiling today :)