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November Weigh-In

Well i have a confession to make ... I've not been doing very well with my trying to lose weight. Since i started back at college i have been too busy to go to the gym or work out at home and i have got back up to my starting weight.
Honestly, i was expecting it but I'm still kinda pissed off at myself.

Anyway, I'm not gonna give up hope so I'm gonna try it again ... If i manage to lose 5lb in the month I'll be satisfied though i will have to think up alternative work out methods because between the 2 college courses, work experience and family time ... I've no time (or money) to go to the gym.

I'm still using my Motivation Board and I'm going to set myself goals and update each month in the hopes that it helps keep me on the right track.

My goals for November are ...

  • Continue to cut Fizzy Juice out ... My skin is looking brilliant since i gave it up :)
  • Where i can I'm going to take the stairs and walk rather than get the bus ... Free workout there!
  • Stop eating take-away's ... Its a waste of money and its not healthy. Have back up plans in the fridge for the late nights in the salon when i cant be bothered cooking come dinner time.
Here's hoping that i can keep on top of it this time ... I'm just so fed up feeling bad about myself