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My Crafting Slump

I’ve been in a big of a crafting slump recently.

I have all these ideas going through my head and all these projects I want to so, so I start them and then something will happen, life might get in the way and it will sit unfinished for months (sometimes years) just begging to be completed.

I think its my own fault though as I always have these big projects in mind. Take this morning for example … I sat on my bed with my measuring tape and worked out dimensions needed and a design for a huge Disney quilt that I want to make. I’ve not even finished my first quilt (or my second for that matter) and I’m already thinking on my third one! And that’s not even including the knitted one I'm in the process off.

I found a beautiful cross stitch pattern that want to try, but I have like 3 other cross stitch kits that are in some stage of completion. One is almost half way. One has just an afternoons worth of stitching done and the other, a massive Romeo and Juliet design is about an eighth of the way through as its on even-weave and is so intricate.

I have a cushion on the go, some paintings half finished, 2 scrap books half done … Honestly the list could be endless.

So I’ve decided that before I start any big project, I have to finish at least one previous one first. So for example before I start the Disney Quilt, I have to finish the Halloween one. Before I start the new cross stitch kit, I have to get one of the others finished first.

I want to complete my projects rather than have a box full of WIP’s collecting dust.

I’m hoping that by new year I will have at least 5 of my old projects done and competed the new ones rather than just adding to my old pile of ‘to-do’s’.