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Blogmas Day 10 - Christmas night in

Usually on a Saturday Agent D comes over after work and we spend the weekend chilling out or going shopping. Generally family stuff. But last night was his Christmas works night out so it was just Agent M and i.

We decided to make it a nice wee mummy and M day, starting with going into town for some shopping and so i could post some orders.

I really don't like the town as the best of times but during December is always mobbed which makes me really anxious, so we too a breather in Costa Coffee and tried out some of their festive treats. Personally i didn't like the Salted Caramel Cappuccino cause it wasn't very caramel-y butt Agent M loved his Orange Hot Chocolate and we shared a slice of their caramel and chocolate shimmer cake which was delicious.

When we got home and put the shopping away we started out movie day by watching the Santa Clause. It was the first time Agent M seen it (though he's seen the 2nd and 3rd before) then we watched the Grinch.

I love the Grinch and even got into my Grinch jammies (cause I'm a big kid lol). Agent D got us a Domino's pizza for our night in too which was both really nice of him and really yummy!

All in it was a perfect night in with my baby boy