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Blogmas Day 13 - Why i wont be spoiling my son this christmas

I want to preface this by saying i don't judge anyone for the amount of money they spend on their kids. That is a personal choice each person makes and is no-one else's business. I'm just sharing my point of view.

We are a low income family. There is no going round that. And the fact that I am a single parent means that we will always have a limited income. That's just a fact.

I think that's why I find Christmas so stressful and really struggle at times to get into the festive spirit.

Stores are trying to push the sell and at this time of year, there is always the latest piece of tech or 'it' toy that kids just have to have. I see so many parents clambering to find this toy or that and end up paying over the odds for a random toy (Hatchimals anyone?). I know of parents buying their toddlers iPads and 6 year olds getting phones. It's all so much.

I can't afford to spoil Agent M like that. And to be honest, I'm not sure that I would, even if I could. Agent M has grown up in a low income family from day dot. Being a single Mama, I've had to work hard to provide him with the basics that everyone else takes for granted sometimes- and I know that it's only made us stronger as a family unit. 

We know how to live on the tightest budget. I have gone days before without eating just so he could have dinner and I've had to go up to my Grans before to give him a bath when I couldn't afford gas. We have lived counting pennies and walking to stores at night to get reduced items just to make ends meet. I don't want any sympathy. It's just the facts. That's how it was. So if anyone knows the value of money, it's us and I won't ever let us get back in that situation again. It's just not an option.

Living like that has made Agent M more realistic when it comes to Christmas. He used to always ask Santa for the expensive present cause he knew Mummy couldn't afford it - and yet I worked my ass off and did get him what he wanted. And now that he knows about Santa he asks for only what he would really like. I will always try my best to get him what he wants and a little bit more but when push comes to shove, I just cant spoil him like other parents do their kids.

I need to use my money to get gas and power, not a new bike. I need to put clothes on his back and food in his tummy, not another game for an Xbox or PlayStation.

I'm raising a future gentleman; I want him to learn that while it's nice to get things, having a home to live in and food to eat is more important than any toy. Its about necessity over luxury.