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My 2016

Yeah so that Blogmas project went down like a led balloon.

I did start with good intentions but we have been so busy this year and with me opening my Etsy store i feel like I've been stretched thin.

Even now that its in holiday mode - I'm trying to get as many kits ready for re-launch, all while cooking big meals, extra housework as everyone is coming and going, de-christmasing my house, trying to find a bit of me time and spending time with my Agents ... Oft no wonder i am tired.

I need to get a bit more organised in 2017 before i end up running myself into the ground.

So how has the year been?

The only thing that jumps to mind is 'Busy'!

Its been fun having Agent D around a bit more during the holidays and Agent M has come on leaps and bounds with school. There are no more issues with him being bullied (thank goodness) so he's back to loving school. I'm maybe not where i would have hoped i would be. Not completing college really upset me but then i needed to think about my long term mental health and i know i was i a terrible place thanks to that lecturer. I'm slowly but surely building myself back up (even if its going slow, at least its a step in the right direction.

So what do i want for 2017?

Well next year is going to be a big one in the Crafty household. I'm turning 30 ... Agent M is turning 10 and my wee mammy is going to be 50 so there are big celebrations to be had. I'm hoping this time next year i will be back to my kick ass old self and be reaching for the stars. I'd like to think that Agent D is still coming along for the ride. We like having him in our club :)

I'm wanting to make my Etsy store a great wee business as i find so much joy in it and I'm wanting to take my blog to the next level. I just need to work out how lol.

Till then I'll still be here ... taking one day at a time and sending out massive hugs and lots of love to you all.

Have a great new year folks

Stay safe