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Chocolate Krispie Nests

Agent M is getting older and i know there will come a time when he doesn't want to hang with his Mama as much so until then I'm enjoying our time together. That's one of the reasons i absolutely love the school holidays - Well that and the long lies :)

One thing we tend to do during the holidays is bake or craft which is exactly what we done on this last holiday.

Easter is round the corner which means that there are loads of Easter sweets in stores. So after a trip to Home Bargains we decided to make some Chocolate Rice Krispie nests - Complete with Smarties eggs.

You'll Need
Share bar of Dairy Milk
Bag of Smarties Eggs
Rice Krispies

To make
You will need to start by melting the chocolate. I know there are ways to do this in the microwave but I've always opted for the bowl over a pot of boiling water. Obviously this part is for the grown-ups as boiling water is a no-no for kids.

Once the chocolate is melted its time to add the cereal a little at a time and mix after every add.

I deliberately didn't add how many grams to use as that is a personal choice depending on how chocolaty you like them. Personally we like a little extra chocolate to hold it all together (and it slightly pools at the bottom of the cases) but i know that some people like the nests to have a little coating of chocolate.

Next spoon the mix into cake cases and add the eggs on top while the chocolate is still wet. Allow the krispie mix to dry and it will harden.

Store in an air tight box.