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Needing a break after the Christmas break

Oft ... I cant believe its the 11th of January all ready. I've still not 100% recovered from the Christmas break yet either. I feel like i need another break.

I don't know why i ever expect the Christmas holiday to be relaxing ... You have more activities that you need to find time for, more family and friends to visit which means more hugging and if you have a horrible immune system like me, more time spent getting over all the bugs you have picked up from people.

Christmas is with out a doubt the busiest holiday EVER!

Thankfully we are getting back into our routine - Up early for school, having my morning coffee while paroozing pinterest and I've finally caught up with the mount crumpit sized washing pile. I can see the bottom of the basket and its beautiful :)

With the new year comes lots of new possibilities ... I don't make resolutions anymore as they never seem to stick but instead and continuing to work towards my 101 things in 1001 days and setting myself goals at the beginning of each month that i am wanting to hit.

One thing I'm trying hard to do is find balance between life, my Etsy and my blog ... Here's hoping 2018 is the year i finally learn how to juggle it all.

Fingers crossed