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Covid Christmas

This year has been a weird one for everyone. But here in the crafty house we have been trying to find ways to hold on to some normality.

For example, unless M brings it up first, I try not to discuss COVID-19 in the house. I think its important that there is always a safe place for people and ours is our home. This is where we know we can always come back to, lock the door and be safe. Covid is scary for us adults, so to the younger generations it must be terrifying. Especially when it’s altering their lives so much. In this house, its (wherever possible) COVID-19 free. That’s not to say if M has questions, I don’t answer, but if I’m talking with other people and he’s around, I am very aware what I am saying.

This Christmas however it has been hard to avoid. This is the first Christmas I can remember that won’t be spent with family and that of course makes us feel quite sad. This time of year, we are usually planning our trip down south to see my family (if they weren’t coming up here) but this year we’re having to celebrate alone. Its all the more upsetting as there are 2 new babies on their way and we are desperate to meet them as well as see our family. I’m close with my mum and sister so not seeing them over Christmas sucks.

I have explained to M that we can video call as much as everyone is able and once my sister has her babies, we can talk to her about if she’s up for video calls so we can see all the of his cousins. But the look on his face as he tries to pretend its all good, breaks my heart a little. Its hard being so far from them that we can’t have them in our bubble.

I’m trying to think of things that we can do together that will make up for what will be forever known as Covid-Christmas. Lots of movie nights and game nights are in our future. Its not ideal but I know that we are still lucky to have our family and that there are many who have lost members of theirs, so we will make do until we can all be together again in person.

And who knows, we might get to see B and the bestie over Christmas since they are in our bubbles, so we won’t be completely alone.