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Snowman soup tutorial

One of the things M loves about the cold weather is when we make hot chocolate. We have almost developed a tradition now, the nights get dark earlier, the hot chocolates come out.

A favourite from childhood though is “Snowman Soup” – It’s the only time he will willingly eat mint and it was a huge deal as a child him getting to make it himself (with the exception of heating milk). What was once reserved for special treats – like after we visited Santa or on Christmas eve before bed has now became more of a random cold night activity, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

Even at 13, he still loves a mug of snowman soup, so I decided to spread the joy a bit this year.

As part of some Christmas gifts, I made up little packs of Santa soup. They are so cute each with their own little backing and poem. What's not to love.

They are super quick to make and are a great addition to a Christmas eve box or even as part of a gift. I have created a tutorial for you, complete with templates and labels, so all you have to do is assemble and enjoy.

To make them you need

Christmas cardstock*
A printer
White paper and/or white card
Glue stick
Double-sided tape
Cellophane bags (clear sandwich bags will also do)
Hot chocolate powder
Mini marshmallows
Candy canes

Print out the snowman soup file. This a4 file has the template, 2 header labels and 2 poems, all sized and ready to go. You need to cut out your template first and trace round it on your Christmas cardstock for the desired number of backing pieces.

*The cardstock I used was from the Merry and Bright set I bought from Hobbycraft. It is 180gsm which holds its shape well and still goes though my cutting machines without any hassle. You can of course use whatever cardstock you have available. I would recommend 160gsm or higher though.

Once cut out you are going to need to score down the fold line to create a flap. This will fold over and be where you place your label.

Next, you need to cut out the labels before gluing to the backing. The poem goes on the back and the label goes on the outside of the folded tab. Once you are sure you have them how you like, glue them in place. 

Next you need to make up the actual soup

I bought sachets of hot chocolate as I was giving them as gifts and need them to survive the postal service. If you are giving to family then there is no harm in just adding the hot chocolate powder directly from a container. Make sure you add the correct number of scoops per one cup of hot chocolate. 

Next add the mini mallows. M is a massive fan of mallows in his hot chocolate so I tend to add plenty – 15 in fact – but you can add as much or as little as you wish. Then pop a candy cane in and you’re ready to seal them up.

I find double-sided tape works best of this. Add a strip of tape along the top of the cellophane bag and fold it over on itself so the top is sealed. Add more double-sided tape to the top of the now sealed bag and place on the card backing. The bag top should be flush with the fold. Once stuck down, add a last strip of double-sided tape to the flap and fold down onto the bag.

And there you have it. Little snowman soup packs ready to go.

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