Bouncy Balls

As you know we have a rainy day craft box that i regularly top up. There are a few kits in it as well as some materials that can be used to make other things ... Pompoms, googly eyes, pens, paints etc.

One thing that was in the box was this Bouncy Balls kit by Galt that Agent M had been desperate to try out. So i finally caved and let him get messy one afternoon ... and so much fun was had :)

The kit contains everything you need to make 2 large balls or 8 small ones ... Both moulds are included (and reusable) as well as 8 packets of the special powder.

 This kit was relatively easy for Agent M to do himself with me assisting by cutting the packets and reminding him to tap the mould when he forgot.

The balls are created by pouring the powders into the mould till its full ... tapping in between colour changes to make sure there are no spaces/holes in the ball. You could make the balls all one colour if you wanted to (8 packets would make 8 solid coloured balls) but Agent M wanted to make some multicoloured balls so i let him take the lead.

Once the mould was filled to the top you you need to place it in a jug of cold water for a minute or so to set. Once the time has passed you need to leave it another minute to fully harden and then you can pull apart the mould.

The finished balls are really cool and since you are mixing the colours, no two balls are the same. Agent M was very proud of himself and had a great time bouncing them around the house (till i started to freak out he was gonna smash something lol)

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  1. They are awesome! I love the multi colour too and looks like lots of fun to make :) #justanotherlinky

    1. They are loads of fun and so easy to make too :) xx

  2. Ah we love these! My Aunt bought some for Little A and I wasn't sure they would ever work but lo and behold they do and we love them! #justanotherlinky

    1. Agent M has asked me to get more of the powders to make more since we still have the moulds ... They last a while too, His is still bouncing strong :) xx

  3. These look great fun!! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


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