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Syn Free Tomato Sauce

When i started Slimming World i didn't realise that so many of my favourite things were full of Syn's ... *BooHoo*. But one thing that isn't a Syn is Pasta *yay* which goes brilliant with this Syn free sauce. I made mine rather basic as Agent M was eating it too but you can add peppers and spices to this sauce ... Its so versatile that anything goes (provided its a Free/SF Food) and you can add as much or as little of the veggies as you like..

You'll need
Garlic Cloves
Fry Light cooking spray
Dried Basil
Salt and Pepper

To Make
Chop up the garlic really fine and and fry it in a hot pan using 2 sprays of the Fry Light.
Chop the onions as thick or as thin as you like and add them to the pan. Add the mushrooms and stir till the onions are soft and the mushrooms are almost cooked.
Pour the Passata into the pan and allow to simmer, seasoning with a little basil, salt and pepper.

This sauce is completely Syn Free and will go great with Chicken, Fish or Pasta ... All of which are Free Foods on the Extra Easy plan.