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May the 4th be tasty

So yesterday I blogged about our day out in Glasgow and how Agent D missed out on the Starwars fun. 

On the train journey home, Agent M and I were trying to work out what we could make that was Starwars themed.

Princess Leia buns?
Light saber biscuits?
Wookie Cookies?

Oh if only I had more than a days notice ... then I remembered. I have a box of cookie cutters ... INCLUDING STARWARS!!


So today Agent M and I donned the aprons and got busy baking. 

Unfortunately some of the cookies decided to spread in the oven so a few of the faces were unrecognisable. 

Not one to admit defeat, I had a rummage through my baking cupboard and thankfully I had some left over ready to roll icing from Agent M's birthday cake. 

Along with some food colouring (and cocoa powder for chewie) I actually think they turned out alot better than just left with imprints.

The agents seem very pleased and ive got it on good authority that they are "super tasty"