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Peaceful Friday

Today has been a good day, which is strange when you consider that Agent M was off school sick and I have been nursing a really sore head.

How can that be good you may wonder?

Well I'll tell you. I felt like a proper mummy again.
How silly does that sound. I know I am a proper mummy and I do everything that a mummy does but today it almost went back to basics. Just feeding and nurturing my child. 
He woke up this morning with a dodgy tummy and just wanted cuddles and since we needed to keep close to the bathroom, we spent the morning in mamas bed watching films.

And we talked.

We talked a lot

About all kinds of things. 

Some things I wanted to ask him, like how things have been going at school and how he feels he's doing with P4, and some things he wanted to talk to me about. We discussed the past ... how things made us feel and his interpretation of things that happened. We spoke about the future and what we would like to happen and what is going to happen with things like college and school.

I feel like I got a really good insight into the way his little mind works and although the conversations did take a strange turn (he asked me about contraception and blood diseases *eh?*) I could see that the way he was thinking was quite mature for an 8 year old.

I feel like today I got to know my son a little better. Without the pressures of college or the like on my mind, I felt like I was able to just be a mum today. To care for and converse with my child. I got to know things that are worrying him that i didn't know before and i got to put his mind at ease about things he was unsure about or scared of.

There was no rush to get ready to go somewhere or no emails and papers to work on. Just he and I together watching Small soldiers on Netflix while I occasionally rubbed his back, just being together.

What a lovely chilled out Friday its been.