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Millies Cookies at home

When we go to Glasgow on a shopping trip we always go to Millies Cookies before we catch the train home. Its something i remember doing when i was a child and its a tradition i have made a point to continue with Agent M.

Problem is, we haven't been to Glasgow in months. If fact I'm struggling to remember if we have been this year. The joys of living on a budget i guess.

There is no need to go without our cookie fix though as we have finally got a chance to try the Millies at home range from Iceland and we were thrilled.

They are usually £3 per box (though often are on offer) and come in 3 varieties - White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Triple Chocolate.

They are exclusive to Iceland and since our local store is close to the leisure centre, we popped in after swimming lessons to get a couple of boxes to try out. What better after swimming treat than a yummy soft cookie and coffee (or hot chocolate in Agent M's case).

I chose the white chocolate ones and Agent M picked his favourite, the triple chocolate. The offer we got was 2 boxes for £5 so with 6 cookies per box it was a not too bad offer. Especially since we didn't have to go all the way to Glasgow for them.

Baking them is really easy too as the cookie dough has been frozen in individual portions already. No need to defrost and roll it out, you can cook straight from frozen.

Cooking time is between 14-16 minutes and after you let them cool down for about 10 minutes - You will have a plate full of deliciousness. I managed to try both varieties before the Agents tore into them.

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