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My Sunday Photo - 6/11/2016

I feel a little emotional when i look at this weeks Sunday photo - Which is crazy right? Its just a Blu-Ray!

Well its kinda not. What it is, is memories of the times when i used to go up to my papas room and sit on the bed with him and watch Carry On films.
Its memories of how he used to let me have one of his sweeties (i always chose the Chocolate lime) so long as i didn't tell Granny.
Its memories that on a good day he would be down stairs sitting in his special chair with his little brown table and on a bad day he would be confined to his bed.
Its memories about how he was really the one that fueled my love of art and drawing by getting me to copy the pictures he drew over and over, always dating my work so i could see how well i had improved.
Its memories of sitting on his bed listening to him tell stories of when he was younger and worked down the mines.
Its memories of him letting me watch horror films as a child cause i just loved them. Hammer Horror classics with Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, Us sharing the love of all things spooky. Something that no other member of my family really did with me.
Its memories that i will hold forever because i will never get the chance to relive them. They are all i have left of my papa. One of the few men in this world i have ever truly loved and felt loved me unconditionally.

And the only man i will never hate for breaking my heart by leaving me.

He was an absolute diamond.