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10 Things i love about October

Its October folks and I'm in my element! I love October ... Its quite possibly the best month of the year and for some reason I'm just in love with it ... Well 10 reasons really :)

Its my birthday month
I'm not one of those women who have a nervous breakdown every time my birthday rolls round because I'm getting older. Its never really bothered me and the fact that I'm turning 28 this year is, to me anyway, an accomplishment that i made it this long. There are girls i went to school with and girls at college that are freaking out that they are so close to 30 but I'm over here like "BRING IT ON!".

Birthdays have always had a bit of a dark cloud though. For the last near decade something bad has always seemed to happen on my birthday with the exception of 2013 when i received a message from my gorgeous bearded wonder saying "Hey" ... 3 days later we had our first date :)

The leaves start to get crunchy
With the Autumn coming in, the leaves are starting to change colours and fall. I honestly get this lovely warm feeling inside when i walk through the leaves and feel them crunch under my feet. Its just so amazing and feels comforting to me.

I love the colours as well ...Oranges, browns, golden tones, reds and purples. Its just so beautiful!

The drinks get better
I've never been one for the whole Pumpkin Spice thing. I don't like the taste and to me, your just ruining a perfectly good latte HOWEVER ... October brings with it the Orange Hot Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Mocha. They quite possibly the best drinks EVER for the colder weather!

The Christmas drinks tend to start around now and the Mint Chocolate Mocha and Hot chocolate are just yum!

Its snuggle weather
October is the start of the cold weather ... And in Scotland, It really gets cold! What a perfect excuse to pull the throws and blankets out the cupboard and snuggle up in bed with your man. We have the added comfort of an electric blanket ... no more cold tootsies at night :)

Jumpers and boots are acceptable clothing
I'm a curvy girl. There is no getting round that and to be honest the summer clothes make me feel really uncomfortable. Shorts and vest tops are not my friends ... Now its my turn to feel comfy! I love wearing my jeans and long tops, my cardi and my boots. Its so comfortable and i feel like i can look pretty. Plus aswell, i like scarf weather ... I enjoy being bundled up :)

The nights are longer
It gets darker quick ... and on the last Sunday the clocks go back so we get an extra hour in bed ... Woohoo! With the longer nights its nice to just curl up on the sofa with the boys and watch movies ... Nightmare before Christmas anyone?

The food gets more comforting
Over the summer i had salad with pretty much everything. It was refreshing and i do love a wee salad but its now time to put the salad bowl away and get out the slow cooker. Autumn/Winter is more of a stew or roast kinda season.

American TV starts
This year American Horror Story: Hotel is starting on October 7th as is Supernatural Season 11 ... 2 of my all time favourite TV shows! American TV seem to reserve the best shows for their "fall line-up" ... Big Bang Theory also started again in the fall but it was the end of September so it technically cant count for October.

The Christmas gifts start
Although October is still a wee while away from Christmas, All the Christmas gifts start to hit the shelves in October which means with my birthday pennies, i get more bang for my buck :) ... Salon services has alot of 3 for 2 gifts as well which means i can stock up my kit for clients with more products for less money. I love getting a good deal :)

Halloween Baby!!!
What can i say ... Even if all my other reasons didn't exist, Halloween would still make October worth it all! This year Halloween falls on a Saturday so i can get to celebrate with the Agents and make some yummy treats ... I promise to blog you all some recipes and pics!

What is your favourite part of October?

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