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Stop Motion Videos

For his 9th Birthday Agent M got a Stop Motion Animation kit from his Granny and since then he has been desperate to make little movies.

During the holiday i decided to set up my laptop for him and bless him he brought me down a little story board he had been working on. He told me that he was picturing it as his Lego Steve fighting off a Lego Zombie (all from his Minecraft sets).

I'm sorry but how cute is that!

Only thing is the 'subject matter' is a little more Tarantino than i would have wanted but i guess he'll find his niche on his own. Since its all done on my laptop i can keep an eye on his creations and as soon as i see 'Kill Steve Vol 1' pop up, I'll start to worry.

Anyway since he was so proud of the video i decided i would open up a YouTube channel and give him a folder on it. I was planning to start a channel with tutorials anyway, but I'm more than happy to share the space with him :)

I'm beyond proud of him ... And bless him he's already working on his next story board :)

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