Ezee Shrinks Kit

Although the craft box we have is called the "Rainy Day" box ... It did come in handy this Bank Holiday Monday when the weather was so hot we couldn't spend too long outdoors.

Agent M had a look through the box and pulled out this Shrinkie Dinks kit.

I was really excited to make this with Agent M as i remember making them with my little sister when i was little ... The kit comes with everything you need to make the shrinkies, including a hole punch and templates to use for pendants or key rings.

In case you didn't know how they work, You draw your picture onto the plastic and colour. You then cut it out and punch a hole where you want. You then place them in a warm oven and melt (as per the instructions).

They do shrink really fast and i think Agent M got a real kick out of watching them shrink.

You can buy Shrinkie Dinks in kits or you can just purchase the plastic sheets and decorate/design whatever you like.

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  1. I can remember doing some a few years ago and they were great fun. I'm looking for some craft ideas for a crafting party and these would be ideal.

    1. Thanks, There are more ideas in the "Make It" tab at the top of my page. If your going to blog about the crafting party, please feel free to pop back with a link to the post so i can check it out. Sounds fun :) x


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