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Disney Craft Swap

Last night i was scrolling through Instagram when i noticed a few Disney themed craft swaps. I was loving what i was seeing, but when i went to find out how to sign up, it was all exclusive to the USA.

I find this a lot with the best swaps (at least the ones i want to join) and unfortunately (or fortunately) many people are in the same position as me.

So rather than wait for an International friendly Disney swap ... I decided I'd host one on my own.

Before bed i asked if anyone else was interested and i woke up this morning to an amazing response ... so I'm going ahead and have planned out the swap.

Since this is the first swap of hopefully many, i decided to start with the characters that are the iconic Disney ...

There are a few rules that I've made so that everyone knows whats what.

  • The swap is open internationally.
  • Sign up is the 1st of every month and will close midnight (GMT) on the 5th of the month. You should have your swap buddy info by the 6th.
  • All parcels must be sent by the 25th of the month. Proof of postage is advisable but that's totally your call. I ask that you let me know when your parcel has been sent and when you have received your parcel.
  • Its your call what you make - If your savvy with a sewing machine or nifty with a knitting needle, even if you have a penchant for paper crafts ... There are no restrictions on how/what you make so long as it fits with that months theme.
  • In the spirit of fairness all parcels must have at least 1 crafty make and 2 gift items with a minimum total value £5. By all means if you want to make/gift more then go ahead but the minimum is there so that everyone knows what to expect and no-one gets short changed.

If you want to join in please email me at craftymama087@gmail.com with the subject line Disney Craft Swap *and the month* (for example Disney Craft Swap August) and I'll send you the sign up form.

I'm really excited about all this and i really hope it works out :)

Since its the first one I'm opening the sign up today so that i can get organised a bit more and work out any glitches.

You can find out any updates on the swaps by following me on Instagram and Facebook.

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