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How busy is too busy?

I. Am. SO. Tired!

I'm not 100% sure as its still early days but I'm pretty sure I've lost my ever loving mind. I seem to have led myself to believe i am wonder woman and that i can do it all. Perhaps i have mistake my basic cup of coffee for a cocaine laced mug of adrenaline or its possible that i am just trying to juggle to much. Either way ... I'm headed for trouble.

Its kind of ironic since it was only 2 weeks ago i was so excited at the work load when i typed up my previous blog post.

I didn't realise from my timetable just how much work was involved in my second year college course ... and on top of that i have work experience that need to be completed along side it. That has officially taken up 4 days of my week.

Along with the evening class i signed up for, Agent M's activities, blogging, spending time with the Agents, housework, getting clients out with college to help pay bills and me time ... I'm stretched pretty thin.

Things have been slipping through the cracks (like my blog that has been practically abandoned this month) and I've been having to pass on couple time in favour of sleep, Me time in favour of college work and housework has been getting rushed (though Agent M has been helping out a bit).

I can see a collision up ahead if things keep at this rate.

I've been trying to multi task like right now I'm blogging while Agent D has a go on the PS4 (its hardly couple time but he's settling for it as he gets best of both worlds). When Agent M is at his swimming lessons, i do a few laps in the big pool too so I'm getting my exercise in (plus climbing up and down 4 floors worth of stairs all week has to count). When he goes to my dads on the Saturday night i try to get as much crammed in as i can ... College notes typed up, Housework done, shopping, plan out the meals for the week, laundry washed/dried/ironed/put away, dog washed, then by the time it rolls around 8pm i put on a DVD and I'm lucky if i make it till the end before I'm fast asleep.

I need to get into some kind of routine or get organised but i just don't know where to begin. At what point do i go "bugger the dishes, i wanna read a chapter of my book" or "the washing can wait, i wanna go for lunch with Agent M" ... Will that not just set me up for more work in the long run?

At what point is busy just too busy?

There has to be other mums out there that can do all this ... What is there secret? How do they juggle work/family/home/personal life without having a nervous break down?

Answers on a postcard please (or comment below)

Till then I'll just have to keep picking up my dropped balls *snicker* and keep trying to juggle i guess

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