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3D Art Adventures Review and Giveaway

When i was at school, all my course choices revolved around the creative subjects. My favourite hands down was Art and Design. I loved being able to create things using mixed media and before every new topic we got to learn all about artists and design eras.

I feel like this was important to learn and since have taken to teaching Agent M little bits about artists and about influenchial movements. I get quite proud when someone talks about the ninja turtles infront of him and he tells them all about the artists that the names originated from. He's like a little sponge of knowlage.

There are many books you can get that teach children all about art and design, giving them info on the artists as well as getting them to think more in depth about what they are seeing.

One such book is 3D Art Adventures which not only teaches kids about the artists and designers but also gives tutorials on how to create their own works of Art.

The book, compiled by Maja Pitamic and Jill Laidlaw, features 35 Artist inspired projects that use a whole host of mixed media, from clay to paper, string to nuts and bolts. 

The book is broken down into different sections such as Ceramics and Sculpture and each section gives you a brief into about it as well as some examples.

The activities give kids a chance to get creative as well as learning. All levels of ability will enjoy getting crafty, although the book does recommend from ages 6+

Agent M and i have made a few projects which I'll share with you in the coming week but until then i have a nice surprise for you guy ...

The lovely people over at Modern Books were very kind and gave me not only a copy for myself to review but also another to give away a one of you lovelies.

You can enter using the form below and the giveaway will run till the 20th of June, when i will announce the winner. There are 4 chances to win ... Good luck!

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