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I feel sad

I feel a little sad today.

As read the updates on the Orlando shootings I feel sad for the families of the victims. I feel sad for all the mums and dads that are being notified that their babies didn't make it. I feel sad for the families that still don't know what's happened to their kin. I feel sad for the people who witnessed the violence and who will forever be haunted by it all. I feel sad for the officers who had to see the outcome in that nightclub and for the medical staff who had to help. I can't imagine how horrible it must have been.

I feel sad for the LGBTQ community as this act of pure hate will undoubtedly ripple through the entire community. I feel sad for them as I've read so many idiots comment rather derogatory about them and 'god'. I feel sad that this will make more idiots crawl out of the wood work and try to rationalize this insanity by plastering a deity to it. I feel sad that in 2016 we cant just accept people from all walks of life. Killing people because of their sexuality should be more "against god" than anything else.

But in what appears to be an unconventional thought. I feel sad for the Muslim community too. Cause so many people are throwing racist abuse around when in reality it's a minority of the community that cause the most damage.

There is so much hate and so much negativity in the world already. Maybe we should mourn for Orlando with love. Maybe we should send our love and pray to our respective religious heads for comfort and support to the victims and their families rather than making this horrible situation about what groups of people deserve hate and punishment.

Pray For Orlando