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Week 8 - Weigh in

I wasn't feeling very positive about this weigh in. Purely because i knew there had been times when i didn't stick to the plan.

I went down to visit my mum for a weekend and while i was there i didn't count any syns and she was in charge of the cooking so i know that she would have used oil etc where i would have dry fried or used Fry Light if i was at home.

After a particularly crappy day i asked Agent D to bring me a McDonalds too which although i was craving one, it just didn't fill the hole i had and i ended up feeling really pukey afterwards as it just sat in my stomach all night.

I am happy though cause when i hopped on the scales and seen i was bang on 18st i felt relief. That means in 8 weeks i have lost a whole stone.

I've lost 14 pounds

This week i went shopping with a pre-researched list of snacks and meals so hopefully i will be able to stay on track now. Its been really hard though as i feel like I'm missing out on things and somethings it gets really frustrating knowing I'm having to count and measure everything. I can really see now where going to meetings can help.

Feeling alone isn't that great but I'm hell bent to stick to it.

Here's hoping i make it!

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