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A crafty escape

I'm gonna start this post by apologising for the neglect I have inflicted on my poor wee blog. Not only that I have had a craft free week (plus) and the effects are devastating.

My sewing box is contemplating the joining the witness protection programme and my craft box can be heard crying at night as it's buried under piles of bedsheets and winter clothes in vacuum-bags.

I managed to talk myself into having a massive clear out and decorate the house before the summer ends and a big life changer starts. *maybe it's good I document this as I can look back next time I wanna clear out and remind myself how horrible the idea is ... like childbirth, you forget till your in it again and it all comes flooding back to you but its too late to change your mind*

I will say though in regards to my home ... it will be great to move Agent M into the bigger back room and I can turn the once nursery/kids sized box room into my own little craft room ... and I'm LOVING having a Super King-Sized Bed and new family sized washing machine.

*I could actually hug my new washing machine ... 8kg makes the world of difference when washing bedsheets and towels ... it beats a 5kg 14 year old machine hands down*

Till then however, I'm living with stuff boxed in my bedroom and tubs of paint, rolls of linoleum and black bags full of broken toys to stress the unholy hell outta me *and it makes for a cranky mama!*

Since its turning out to be a looooong drawn out process, I decided Agent M and I needed a break from the decorating and the like so we went into town to go to the Creation Station Workshop at the Burns Mall.

The theme was Summer holiday special and like always he had a blast :)

When we got there we were greeted by the lovely Rona who explained to Agent M all the different things he could make. He went straight to the musical instruments and got to creating his own "invention".

He cut up a kitchen roll tube and taped it into a cone shape and covered it to make a trumpet. He then covered a box in gold and added a green tray to the side for a drum. Unfortunately that tray was needed elsewhere so he chose a small cereal box and decorated it. Add to that his trumpet and he had, as he put it, "a musical invention" :)

After that he decided to make an ice cream cone ...

*I love his face in the bottom picture ... he just loved his "blackcurrant ice cream" :) *

Mama had a Dr's appointment so we left the makes at the Creation Station so the glue could dry and we could go back and get them.

He was very happy with his makes ... mama's headache wasn't so thrilled at the instrument but hey ... it made him smile so I could grin and bare it ... for a while lol.

Afterwards we decided to get some lunch and let mama work out what we needed in town while we were there.

We headed back home a little more relaxed and a little more prepared for the return to school on the 18th *now fully prepared thanks to online shopping ... lifesaver!! *

I'll keep you updated on the renovations and will share my news when all's confirmed :)