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A is For ...

I got 2 wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday and I've been too sore and cranky to do anything crafty. I have been having a look through some of my favourite blogs though and a few of them have taken part in a-z challenges ... Some are photo based and some are actual posts. 

It looked really fun so I decided I'd start my own A-Z project.

*The project posts will be in amongst other posts I write ... gives me a chance to come up with letters that relate to my blog ... most of the ones I seen were beauty based*

So here goes ...

A is For ... Academic Announcement

During the summer I applied for a Hairdressing course at my local college. I had my interview which went great and I was told I'd hear either way if I got in or not.
We went on our "English-Land adventure" and when we came back, in amongst the mail was a lovely letter saying I have been offered an Unconditional Place ... I'm going to train to be a hairdresser!!!

To say i was giddy would be an understatement!

To me, this is the chance *quite possibly my last one* to get a trade behind me and make my own career that will let me support my son and myself. I will be able to work anywhere (in theory) so should i decide to move closer to my mum and sister then i can and i can decide when i will work. Never again will i panicking that im only going to see Agent M for a couple of hours on Christmas day due to work. If i need to get more money for something like a boiler replacement,  i have the option to take on more jobs and therefor make the money.

I'm excited ...

But secretly im freaking out.

I don't generally spend a lot of time worrying how I look. I'm normally just a get up and go type of mama but for the first time in years I'm being made to focus on myself as a woman rather than as a mum. Agent D thinks this is a good thing as it's "about time" I put myself first. I think the fact I took an hour to get my hair 'perfect' was beyond excess cause I can do my friends and families hair better ALOT quicker.

I went to my induction on Friday and the other students in my class are alot younger than me and Ive been out of education for a while.

This is going to be a big adjustment for us. Student life isnt commonly known as easy but i reckon im just crazy enough to make it work ...

I have to make it work!

*bites nails nervously*

Roll on Sept 10th :)