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French Braid Loom band bracelets

Here at the Haus of Mama, we've been trapped in the clutches of a mega clear out.
I am kicking myself for even starting it cause my once lovely and tidy house is now filled with "keep", "sell" and "tip" piles along with stuff that i haven't got a place for yet. I'm hoping turn the box room into a craft room and move Agent M into the bigger room, but in all honestly its gonna take me a while to find the funds to finish it what with Christmas coming up and a big life decision on the horizon *deep breath and keep calm. It'll be worth it in the end*

Anyways, as a way to have a 5 min breather from the dusting, bin bags, boxes and what not, I've been joining Agent M in making some Loom band bling.

Since I'm running the giveaway a la loom band,  i figured I'd show you some of the jazzy things you can make with them.

I really liked this style of bracelet and after watching me do it Agent M picked up on it within minutes. Its so easy and looks funky when you use contrasting colours.

Start off by grabbing your loom board *i know you can use forks, pencils or even your fingers but I'm a stickler for safety. I don't allow Agent M to use anything but a loom so I'm not gonna recommend anyone else does. The set up for grabs has a loom included ... I'll also say at this point the DIY loom which is a board with nails sticking out is just beyond me. Please use common sense. If you have younger kids, use the loom boards*

You'll need 25 of each colour. I used pink and blue in the glitter ones.

Starting off with your first colour, place it between two pins in an "8" shape like so

This will serve as your "holder band" *it probably has a technical name but I don't know it* ... it will keep all the bands from falling off and where you can attach the "S clip".

Add your next colour ... in this case a blue band ... this and every other band will go on as is. There is no need to make another 8 shape from here on out 

Add another pink band on top of the blue one and this time we're going to hook some bands and start the loom.

Start by hooking the bottom left band up and over all the bands ... then do the same on the right. Push the bands down so you have plenty of room to add bands.

Add the next blue band and take your hook ... you need to grab the middle band on the left and hook it over all the bands. Then grab the bottom band on the right and pull it over all the bands. *This should leave you with 2 of the same colour on the left and 1of each colour on the right if you've done it right*

Push the bands down and add the next colour (pink). Using your hook we're going to take the bottom left band and pull it up over the bands and then pull up the middle right.

Again you will be left with 2 of the same colour on one side and 1 of each on the other. Push down and add the next colour.

The same pattern is continued throughout the bracelet ....

Because the last time we took the bottom left band, this time we will take the middle left band and pull it over. Next take the bottom right and pull it over. Push down and add the next colour.

*I used an extra hook threaded they the holder band to pull the bracelet down ... it helps keep everything straight as you braid*

Repeat this pattern ... making sure your pushing down the bands after you pull the bands up.

Middle left > Bottom right

Bottom left > Middle right

Middle left > Bottom right

Bottom left > Middle right

Middle left > Bottom right

Bottom left > Middle right

*a little tip ... when you see 2 colours next to each other, that's the side that you need to grab the bottom band. Then you know the other side will be the middle band*

When you have your last band left, add it as normal, hooking up the correct bands. Then you'll need to hook both bottom bands over all the others. There should only be one band left on the loom

Connect an S clip through the left over band and gently pull off the loom board ... clip the other end onto the holder band and your done :)

Easy peasy! :)