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Chicken Noodle Soup

Part of the joys of winter (she says sarcastically) are the inevitable sick bugs that will come traipsing through the house.

Wither its Agent M catching something from the playground or i catch a cold or cough from a client at college, you can pretty much guarantee that our house will as some point require a has-mat suit.

This week was no different with all 3 of us having colds and sore throats, and felling kinda run down so Mama decided to get our soup on with some Homemade Chicken Noodle.

I'm not sure if that's a medically proven thing that chicken noodle soup is great when your not well or if its just kid-ology but it made us all feel a little better having some nice heat on our throats and some warm chicken in our tummies.

Its really easy to make too ... perfect for when you cant tolerate standing in the kitchen for hours :)

You'll need
3 Chicken stock cubes (plus the correct ratio of boiling water)
2 balls of fine noodles
3 spring onions
1 tbs soy sauce
2 chicken breasts, (cooked and chopped into strips or chunks)
pepper to taste

How to make
Pour the boiling water in to a large pan with the stock cubes and allow to dissolve over a medium heat.

*We like our noodle soup a little more stocky so i always use a little less water that the stock cube instructions say however the proper amount of water you'll need can vary depending on the brand you use so be sure to check the packet*

Chop the spring onions and add to the pot of stock along with the table spoon on soy sauce.

Add the cooked chicken and let bubble for a few minutes before tasting the stock. Some cubes can be very salty so if needed you can add some pepper to the soup to help season it.

Lastly break up the noodles balls into the soup. *The packets we get always seem to have the noodles in balls, if the packet you have doesn't have them in balls then add enough for the number your serving plus 2 for a nice big pot*

A note on the noodles ... I say to break up the noodles before adding to the soup. Its easier to break dry noodles than to cut long wet ones, and makes less mess *Tried and tested that one!*

This makes a big pot with enough for seconds. If you just want enough for one meal then make the recipe with 2 stock cubes and 1 ball of noodles. The rest of the ingredients you can make the call on depending on how much chicken you like in your soup :)