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Happy Pancake Day

Pancake Day is big in our house, not for the religious Shrove Tuesday/Ash Wednesday celebrations but because both agents are daft on Pancakes.

They are more fond of the "American Style" pancakes i.e the puffy ones (sometimes called "dropped scones") although I'm also fond on the "crepes".

Both don't take long to make though the Puffy pancakes are easy to take on go when your running late for school/college (tried and tested that one lol)

Pancakes are one of those versatile all round types of food ... You can make tiny bite sized ones for taking on trips or for snacks.
Or you can make them with yummy toppings/ fillings ... I'm a big fan of Blueberry and lemon *wipes away drool*
Pancakes are also really easy to make ... Remember the Apple pancake recipe i posted? (Click on the pic below for the link) 

Well, for the basic recipe just omit the apple and add whatever you like ... Blueberries, chocolate chips ... Even Bacon!! 

Agent D let me try his bacon pancakes with chocolate sauce and yeah it sounds nasty but Oh My!! It was delicious!!

You can even have them for dinner just fill them with savoury foods like ham and egg, chicken or prawn perhaps?

So this Pancake day ... 
Embrace the pancake ... Love the pancake ... Munch the Pancake

Images from Pinterest (bar apple and banana)